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What'S The Best Thing For Sickness And Diarrhea

Black tea is rich in tannins, which have been a longtime home treatment for diarrhea. The reason why is that tannins have an astringent effect on the intestinal lining. It can help to reduce the inflammation within the intestines that was causing the episode of diarrhea. Eat foods with high quality potassium such as fruit juice and banana, normal quantities of fat and salt from soul and yogurt to control the diarrhea. Use of OTC medicines In stomach sickness and diarrhea, medications aren't necessary but some prefer to take them anyway to shorten the duration of symptoms.

An oral rehydration solution, or ORS, is a great way to replace fluids and nutrients lost through vomiting and diarrhea. An ORS is safe for babies, children, and adults. An ORS can come in several forms, including a powder.

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